Francisca Mahlangu is our R100 000 winner!

Francisca Mahlangu is our R100 000 winner!

She’s ecstatic after winning big in the August Superdraw 

FranciscaHas the reality of winning sunk in yet?
Not really. I thought it was a joke all along. I’m only now starting to believe that I won.

What do you plan on doing with the money?
I’m planning on saving some of the money for my children’s education.

What do you enjoy most about Club?
I love the competitions and fashion, because it’s usually clothes that I can wear.

Do you have a message for other Club readers?
I want to tell Club readers to keep reading this mag. It’s very informative, has great benefits for its members and the fashion is affordable.

How has being a Club member changed your life?
Club is a must-have for me. I look forward to reading it every month – and now it’s also made me
R100 000 richer.

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