Want to win like Charmaine Meye?

Want to win like Charmaine Meye?

She scored big in our Superdraw – R100 000 big!

September_SuperDrawWinnerHas the reality of winning sunk in yet?
No! I still can’t believe it. Even after being called by TFG, the fact that I won so much money is still a shock. I keep thinking someone is playing a prank on me.

What do you plan on doing with the money?
I’m going to settle some debt, then save the rest.

What do you enjoy most about Club?
I enjoy everything about the magazine. I spend days paging through it.

Do you have a message for other Club readers?
Take a good look through the magazine. There are always plenty of opportunities to win that you might have overlooked. Also, being a loyal member helps.

How has being a Club member changed your life?
Being a member has changed my life in unimaginable ways, especially after this win. I’m still lost for words.

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