Well done Ryda Kloppers-Smith, you're R100 000 richer!

Well done Ryda Kloppers-Smith, you’re R100 000 richer!

All thanks to Club!

Dec14_SuperDrawWinnerHas the reality of winning sunk in yet?
Not at all. I’ve been giggling for days now.

What do you plan on doing with the money?
I have no idea at the moment, but whatever it is, I want to make sure it’s positive. I love helping other people when I can.

What do you enjoy most about Club?
The articles. I keep some of them every month. I still think having the actual magazine is an investment. There is so much positive content in here.

Do you have a message for other Club readers?
If you want something, believe, and one day it will happen.

How has being a Club member changed your life?
I’m always kept abreast with things that are relevant. The magazine itself is just so full of resources. The fashion and the convenience I experience when I see something I like in Club and I can just walk into Foschini and buy it. It’s priceless.

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