How Jimmy Nevis Does Athleisure

How Jimmy Nevis Does Athleisure

From full tracksuits to sweatshirts and caps, sportswear has moved away from the sporting field and found a home in the closet of fashionistas instead. Keep reading to find out more on how SA music star, Jimmy Nevis does athleisure.

Jimmy Nevis has made his voice heard (literally!) in both the South African music scene and in the local fashion industry. With his edgy and eclectic take on personal style, he is constantly bringing something unique to the industry. Jimmy takes the athleisure trend and makes it his own by incorporating fun and extra AF accessories like this beret or bandanna to complete his iconic look.

Fila, Adidas and Puma have all stepped up their game.

Recently, Fila, Adidas and Puma have reinvented and revolutionized their brands along with the rise of streetwear and athleisure. Gen Z have played a huge role in its growth as loyal and dedicated fashion consumers.

Tracksuits are the epitome of sportswear, with its polyester material and comfortable fit, it’s been worn by sports figures and gym bunnies alike. Now, this two-piece ensemble has been embraced whole-heartedly by the athleisure trend like this tracksuit/windbreaker combo that won’t just keep you warm on those rainy, winter days but it’ll also keep you looking stylish and comfortable even through the craziest of storms. Pair your tracksuit with chunky sneakers, a baseball cap and loads of accessories to complete the athleisure look.

Take inspiration from Jimmy and mix your sportswear with leisurewear to fully immerse yourself in streetwear, athleisure and streetwear culture.

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