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Monthly grocery coupons
As a MyKitchen subscriber, every month in the magazine you will find a full page of grocery coupons so that you can save money on your next trip to the supermarket! Coupons are redeemable at most major food retailers and offer a ‘rand’ off discount on many popular foods, beverage and household products.  All you need to do is cut these out, take them with you to the supermarket, look for the product advertised on the coupon, and hand in the coupon for your discount at checkout. Terms and conditions are printed on the coupon.

Discounts on @home kitchenware
We’ve teamed up with @home to give you a discount every month! To redeem these monthly offers, simply purchase any @home offer at the value outlined in the current month’s magazine on your TFG account card at your nearest @home store. Your exclusive My Kitchen subscriber discount will already be loaded as a voucher on your account – all you have to do is swipe your account card. Discount values and products will vary on a monthly basis and are subject to availability. Offers only valid for certain periods – each offer expires at the end of the current month.

Discounts on @home kitchenware
Visit our MyKitchen magazine shop at home.co.za . Readers get an exclusive 10% discount when buying online.

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10. To the extent that a license (e.g. driver’s licence) or permission (e.g. by a parent/guardian) is required in order to accept or use a prize, the winner must produce such licence or permission for inspection by TFG prior to receiving the prize. If the winner does not or is unable to do so, the prize will be forfeited and another winner will be drawn under the same terms and conditions.

11. By accepting a prize or by entering this competition, you hereby indemnify TFG, its directors, agents, employees and the promoters/sponsors against any damages of any nature whatsoever that anyone may suffer as a result of the prize/s and/or this competition, including consequential damages and economic loss.

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Customers who subscribe for 6 or 12 month periods will be automatically entered into all “automatic entry competitions”, however, customers who purchase single copies of the magazine will not be entered into these competitions;

All customers must enter “SMS entry competitions” by sending an SMS to be eligible to be in the draw for any prizes;

If you have elected to pay for your subscription via a monthly debit order deduction, and if your debit order fails for any reason whatsoever in any month, you will not be sent a Magazine for that month and you may be charged a financial handling fee;

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