Keep the kids busy on a road trip

Keep the kids busy on a road trip



Take your kids’ favourite books along. Depending on their ages, these might be pop-up books, Where’s Waldo, or Harry Potter. Harry Potter or other kids audiobooks also work well – up to a point, of course.


Use the puzzle box or old Monopoly board as hard surface, and have them build age-appropriate puzzles. LEGO or regular building blocks will also occupy them for a good stretch of road.


Take a netball/rugby/soccer ball or frisbee along. It’s great to keep the kids busy at roadside stops and will sap some energy!


When all else fails, whip out the iPad and have them play Tetris or watch movies. Try and save the electronics for the last stretch though, as they wouldn’t want to do anything else after and the ‘Are we there yets?’ will start to ring.


Remember to stop often. Whether it’s for meals, restroom breaks or just to stretch legs and kick around that soccer ball. You’ll find your little travel companions are happier and much more patient.

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