Cleaning and maintaining a car

Cleaning and maintaining a car

Being a working mom, carpooling the kids around, going shopping, and just trying to make ends meet – we’d on several occasions use our car as an office. With all the busyness throughout the day, your car is bound to get overloaded with clutter, unnecessary elements, and even spills and stains.

For on-the-go quick and easy cleaning tips, follow our guide below – we’ve tried it and it works!

  1. Baby wipes are real life and time savers

It is no lie that baby wipes can be used for more than bare bottoms. Save some in your cubbyhole to quickly wipe up any spills, or to clean chocolate faces before stepping into the mall.

  1. A car vacuum will come in handy

You know there’ll be smarties, chips, sand and probably crumbs on the floor of your car. With the car vacuum stored in your boot, effortlessly run the vacuum over the carpet of your car, your seats and anywhere your vacuum can reach. This will save you a lot of time from having your car cleaned every weekend.

  1. A space for trash

Whether it’s a reusable bag or a small container, put something somewhere within your reach for your trash, and no, the floor of the car does not count!

  1. Follow the golden rule

To avoid having your car loaded with clothing garments, bags, or kitchenware, always remember when something goes in, that something has to go out! More than often, we’ll take extra things for those “just in case” moments (it happens to the best of us) and end up leaving them in the car.

  1. A car kit is essential

Instead of leaving home everyday with extra diapers, a clean outfit for the kids, and the same toys the little ones are always wanting to play with – leave them in your glove compartment. This will save you a lot of time from running around the house looking for these things, and will also ensure that your kids are entertained, have clean clothes and extra diapers for those unexpected mishaps.

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