Layering 101

Layering 101


With winter, comes the sensational need to keep warm, of course. However, sometimes combining clothes for the purpose of keep warm and being stylish, can be a bit of a daunting task.
Combining different layers and textures, when it comes to menswear, can actually be quite a fulfilling exercise – when done correctly.

Layering is, conveniently, a four-season look. This dressing technique lends itself organically to the autumn and spring months, as this is when altering temperature levels make it suitable to own fashion pieces that you may take on or off throughout your day. However, with the correct wardrobe items and great materials you can own the layered look all year if you’d like to.

What you need to take into consideration, is how the various layers will affect your functionality. For example, there is no point in putting on thick layers of 2 to 3 different jackets if you’re going to feel stiff and blown up like a balloon. When it comes to fashion, comfortability and style needs to find a mutual balance.

We’ve got a few tips to help you find that balance:


Each layer should be visible and have a practical function.

For example, when wearing a hoodie underneath a leather jacket, the two textures are visible and contrasting, and has different functions. The leather is waterproof and provides insulation, whilst the hoodie offers warmth for your head, protection from the rain and overall comfort.

When opting for a splash of colour, only pair one or two bright colours with textures that offer familiarity.

For example, pairing jeans with a baby blue shirt under a royal blue jersey could be quite aesthetically pleasing.

Be careful of how you combine patterns and textures.

You should not pair too many heavy duty fabrics, such as tweed and corduroy, together in any layered ensemble. Instead, pair a heavy pattern with a lighter one. For example, a melton coat looks great over cotton or cashmere wool.

Play around with different hems and lengths until you’re happy with your look.

You want to have visible layers, but you also do not want to look too baggy and have absolutely no silhouette.


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