Channel Your Inner Diva

Channel Your Inner Diva

Sometimes you want to be girly. Sometimes you want to be edgy. But what happens when you want to be both? Combining edgy and girly can refine your look while keeping it youthful and fun. By mixing and matching patterns, styles and textures like soft pastels, denim and buckles, you can channel your inner diva and stand out in the crowd.

Going glam with accessories

Gold accent accessories like a statement belt, large gold hoops or a gold buckled heel are great for bringing in an element of glam and sparkle into an edgy look.

These just-below-the-knee boots are a great staple to any closet. They can be worn during the winter months tucked into a pair of denims and during the warmer months with a mini skirt for that cute girl-next-door look.

Taking your tracksuit pants and including them into a fashionable look may seem hard but simply adding a pair of heels and a cute denim jacket take the look to another level, earning you major style points!

A tailored blazer is great for the times when you want to sophisticate your look. Adding an embellished belt to cinch in the waist makes for a beautiful, feminine silhouette.






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