Monochrome Meet Athleisure

Monochrome Meet Athleisure

When going through classic and timeless trends, you can’t forget about monochrome. The monochrome trend has been around for many years and is still on trend, even more so in 2018. The thing that we love the most about monochrome looks are the simple contrasts – it’s never just black and white! There are always little pops of golds, grey or metallics. Sports-luxe and athleisure monochrome looks are slaying, though and are anything but boring. Sporty looks have moved past one-tone Juicy tracksuits from the early 2000’s and the trend has become an entire aesthetic on their own. Add in the monochrome vibe and you are style personified.

For a fashion-forward look, incorporate mesh, metallic and bold jewellery elements. Don’t forget to give your comfortable hoodie an edge with insane kneehigh boots and gold hoops.

Taking inspiration from the crop-top and sweatpants legend herself, Aaliyah, you can’t go wrong with this combo. Pairing it with some heels and you’ve got that 90’s look on lock. 

Who says you can’t be the most fashionable person to ever workout? This sports bra has a stylish pattern that gives the monochrome look another element that slays!

No matter what’s happening in the world of fashion, the monochrome and athleisure look is here to stay and we aren’t complaining – it’s too dope to not love.



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