Trend: Mismatched Prints

Trend: Mismatched Prints

Bend the rules of fashion with mismatched prints.
The past few months have seen fashionistas clamour for a slew of must-have prints – everything from bold florals, to pretty polka dots and daring leopard print. And if you’ve been following trends, chances are your cupboard is filled with bright and beautiful things, but there is a new trend you’re going to adore – the chance to wear them all at once! Yes, darlings, mixing your clashing prints is now de rigour. Simply ask fashion-forward It girl Olivia Palermo, who recently hit the town in floral pants and leopard heels.

Why we love it
First off, we love prints, so getting to wear more than just one will always be great. Secondly, it’s a whole lot of fun. There’s something very liberating about being able to break the rules every now and again and getting to flex your creative muscle in finding a new way to wear what’s probably already in your cupboard. 

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