Women Fashion: The Autumn Edit

Women Fashion: The Autumn Edit

Autumn is one of our favourite seasons! With its rich colours and cosy layers, finding women fashion that’ll nicely hide all our comfort-food sins shouldn’t be hard at all. With the South African climate we tend to experience three seasons in one day! The weather can turn from cool to humid to storming in a matter of hours. Every working woman is guaranteed to ask herself, “What will the weather be like today?” and peek out of the window or head straight to the weather app. What’s important in Autumn is that no matter what that often unreliable weather app claims, don’t forget your layers at home! That kimono, wrap or jacket act as your suit of armor so that you’re prepared for whatever the weather throws at you. A reliable coat ensures that even if it rains your inner layers of clothing are protected, ensuring that you stay comfortable throughout your work day.

Warmer Hues

A reasonably well know fashion tip is to turn towards warmer hues in colder weather. Buying clothing in brighter, golden shades can literally light up your Autumn wardrobe. Autumn is a time to be daring and take fashion risks especially when it comes to colour. If you normally opt for safe shades such as black and grey, take a risk and opt for a pop of yellow or burnt orange instead. Introducing even one colourful piece to your outfit will brighten the default darker and neutral tones that are standard winter wear. Accessories offer another way for you to experiment with colour. By investing in an eye catchingly bold bag you’ll be able to look like you’ve put more of an effort into your styling your outfit than you actually have.

Comfy Layers

The cool, crisp Autumn air calls for added layers. Your favourite bodysuit or dress from summer will no longer cut it to keep you cosy and stylish at the same time. This is wear layering comes in handy. Weather you’re layering over or under your clothing, staying warm is of utmost importance. A dress can work for winter when paired with tights underneath and a kimono or coat over it. A statement scarf thrown over your outfit on a winder day is sure to keep the chills at bay. The bigger the better! A chunky, printed wrap slung around your neck or upper half of your body will become your outfit’s statement piece.







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